The Brew:

Hop Sauce is an East Bay concoction of instrumental groove, funk and jazz, balancing improvisation with composition and a knack for fun, tasty jams. The core trio (Jeff Cleland on bass, Chris Gamper on drums and Jono Kornfeld on guitar) has a rich history of playing together over many decades.

Hop Sauce's first CD, "Le Tasty" (with Simon Rochester on keys), features their diverse compositional prowess blended with an obvious love for in-the-moment playing and nimble improvisation. Rotating guest saxophone players are a part of the current recipe - incorporating a voice-like dimension and flavorful zing to their sound. Their 3-song "Freshies" EP (released in 2021) features Simon on keys and Jamison Smeltz on sax.

The Ingredients:

Jeff Cleland: Bass
Chris Gamper: Drums
Jono Kornfeld: Guitar
Simon Rochester: Keyboards (on "Le Tasty" & "Freshies")
Jamison Smeltz: Saxophone (on "Freshies")